Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: And the winner is...

What better way to launch a new sports blog than with the Super Bowl. There is without a doubt no bigger single sporting event, but there is much debate over who will win. That's where I come in: I've got the key stats for the big game. Let's break it down and let the numbers decide.

  1. Defense Indy has improved in the playoffs and has some playmakers. But defense is what Chicago is all about. Whether you look at yard or points, Chicago was a top 5 defense while Indy was in the bottom third, including dead last against the run. Advantage Bears

  2. Rushing It's a close one here. Both were middle of the pack in the NFL this year. Indy might have a better future at the position with Addai, but Chicago has a slight advantage this year with Jones carrying the load. Advantage Bears

  3. Turnovers Indy was good with a +7 this year. Chicago was better at +13. Advantage Bears

  4. Time of Possession Another stat with both teams hovering around the middle. And another stat with Chicago holding a slight advantage with their 30:30 to Indy's 29:30. Advantage Bears

  5. Penalties Chicago racked up 923 penalty yards this year, good for eighth most in the league. Indy had a more disciplined 718 yards, ranking them twenty-second. Advantage Colts

  6. Coaching Both coaches have done a great job this year. But Dungy's done it more. Advantage Colts

  7. Weather Not usually a factor in the Super Bowl, but the chance of rain for the game tilts the scales in Chicago's favor. Advantage Bears

  8. Intangible Media Curse Not the player it usually is in the Super Bowl this year. About the best we can get is the QBs for each team. According to the media (and history), Manning can't win the big one, but Grossman shouldn't even be his team's starter. Advantage Colts

So there you have it: Bears 5, Colts 3.

But I just can't do it. I can't make myself believe it. Sometimes you have to know when to throw out the numbers and go with your gut, and if Rex Grossman playing in the Super Bowl isn't that time, I don't know what is.

Besides, as good as Chicago's defense is, it's weakness is against the pass (11th). Peyton's going to score on them and force them to play from behind, putting the game on Rex's shoulders. Indy is surprisingly good against the pass (2nd) and will force Rex to make mistakes.

Final score: Indy wins 23-13.

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