Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hi. This is me ticked off.

Chris, I thought about replying to you comment, but I had too much to say.

Maybe I've been beat into submission by ten years of mediocre football and ZERO playoff wins. This is the Dallas FREAKIN' Cowboys!!!! How in the world do we have to settle for a retread defensive coordinator to follow in the footsteps of Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson?

Jerry Jones is killing this team! To me, WP means that Jerruh is the GM again. More years of Shante Carver, David Lafluer, Kavika Pittman, Sherman Williams, and gaggle of spares that might make the Desperadoes traveling squad.

I take it back, after ten years, maybe Jerruh has already killed this team. He killed it the day that he decided that he deserved more credit than Jimmy Johnson for the two super bowls. And yes, Jerry, I did enjoy those super bowls. I enjoyed them very much, but I was still in COLLEGE the last time they won a super bowl!


Chris said...

There's the Rus I know! I just noticed something in your 'rose colored glasses' post:
'Wade wasn't that bad in Buffalo.'
Excuse me? You are exactly right in this post--the Dallas Cowboys have now settled for other team's 'not that bad'. This is truly a sad day.

PJ said...

They kept playing up the "Good Ole' Texas Boy" aspect in the press conference. Big freakin deal. I've set my expectations very low for next year. At least he'll have a really easy receiver to get along with, not like that trouble-maker Eric Moulds. And he's good about QB Controversies. He was really popular picking Johnson ahead of Flutie.

Chris said...

Forgot to mention before--'gaggle of spares'. Nice touch. Because we all know the Gaggle of Spares stink.