Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hi. This is me underwhelmed.

'Sources' say Wade Phillips will be named the new coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Wade Phillips? Really?

I kind of thought that since Jerry interviewed six coaches since Phillips we could forget about this one. Out of the ten coaches who interviewed for the job, Phillips probably ranks about eight or nine for me. He's a poor version of the shell that Parcells became. And what it T.O. going to do now? You think Wade Phillips can control him? Or has the clout to tell Jerry to get rid of him?

The other retread and alleged leading candidate Norv Turner would have been preferable. Work with Romo, mentor Jason Garrett and give the defense to Ron Rivera. That's a pretty solid staff if Turner focuses on the offense and lets Rivera have full control of the defense. Great potential for the future, too.

Don't like that? You want fire and passion? Go with Singletary. Young, upcoming potential? Take a flyer on Garrett. But what does Phillips have to offer?

Is this about the 3-4 defense? Because I'm really starting to hate the 3-4. The system itself is OK, but I hate how it is dictating what is done at Valley Ranch. They weren't even that good at the 3-4! Now we're choosing a head coach based on it?

And don't count on a 'wow' hire at the coordinators to compensate. Garrett is the OC, which intrigues me but doesn't 'wow' me, and Bowles will likely be the DC. Forget about Rivera--Phillips is a defense guy. No big names coming on that side of the ball.

There is only one positive I can see out of this: Jerry is setting the team up for mediocrity so he can fire Phillips next year and go after Bill Cowher. I can only hope Jerry has that much foresight.

Because the alternative is he is setting the team up for mediocrity so he can name himself the next coach, at which point I go from underwhelmed to truly frightened.

Either way, 2007 will be mediocre. What happens in 2008 and beyond remains to be seen.


patrick said...

Good luck with retread Wade. Ranks right up there with the Switzer hire as one of the worst hires in Cowboys history.

Chris said...

Chan Gailey and Dave Campo might have something to say about this 'worst hire' talk. Campo was a great coordinator, but he was Jerry's sock puppet as a head coach. And I still remember the 'Chan is the man!' press conference. In fact, a lot of Phillips's press conference reminded me of Gailey's.