Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl Review

Well, I didn't get the pick up before the Super Bowl. But I picked a Bears win. I figured Devin Harris would score a touchdown and Peyton Manning would throw a pick or two. What I didn't realize was that Rex Grossman would take sucking to a whole new level. Even his completions were terrible throws that more often than not were behind the receivers. The second intercerption was the ridiculous. Between the picks, the fumbles, and the sacks he almost single handedly lost the game.

I was also thoughly underwelmed with the Bears defense. They hit the Colts hard a few times, but they weren't able to get consistant pressure on Manning. I had been pulling for Ron Rivera to get an interview for the Cowboys HC or DC job, but I don't think this game should go on the resume. I'm not sure if it was Colt execution or Bear problems, but the Colts moved the ball at will. At least they didn't give up a bunch of touchdowns at keep the game relatively close until Grossman pucked up his dinner all over the wet Miami field.

I should say nice things about Peyton Manning, though I don't think he was the MVP. The MVPs were the Addai and Rhodes. They ran up the middle at will and I think every tackle Urlacher made was 7 yards downfield grabbing ankles. Maybe the MVPs should be the offensive line. But seriously, unless Peyton was 5-25 with 3 picks and 2 fumbles, if the Colts won he was gonna be MVP.


Chris said...

'What I didn't realize was that Rex Grossman would take sucking to a whole new level.' Seriously? That never crossed your mind?
I agree about Peyton as MVP, though. No one really stood out, but Rhodes was more deserving in this game.

PJ said...

I think Rex played outstanding (from the Colts' perspective). Seriously, if this would have been a wrestling match, Rex Grossman would have stripped his Bears jersey off to show his Colts jersey after that last pick - (Bit idea stolen from various Bill Simmons' posts). There was talk of him not being the starter next year even if they won. How can they possibly bring him back now?

rus said...

I didn't think Rex would be great, but I didn't expect him to give the game to the Colts, which is exactly what he did. Indy ought to give him a playoff share. It was Neil O'Donnell all over again.