Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Onion on Bonds, hockey

If you aren't familiar with The Onion, it is the premiere satire publication, targeting everything from politics to current events to the entertainment business. A while back they added a sports section, taking the sports world to task.

They recently published a couple articles I found interesting/funny. The first is about good ol' Barry and it pretty much sums up what everyone thinks about him these days.

MLB To Place Asterisk, Pound Sign, Exclamation Point, Letter F Next To Bonds Name In Record Books

The Onion

MLB To Place Asterisk, Pound Sign, Exclamation Point, Letter 'F' Next To Bonds' Name In Record Books

SAN FRANCISCO— Commissioner Bud Selig announced Wednesday that, once the Giants slugger retires, his name in the official MLB record books will be forever accompanied by an asterisk, followed by a pound sign and exclamation point, all preceeded by the letter 'F'...

The second is about hockey. Check out their list and be sure to catch the most recent change--it's the best. Smart move by the NHL.

The Onion

Hockey Equipment Changes

The NHL recently unveiled new redesigned uniforms, and has considered enlarging the size of the nets. Onion Sports looks at other notable equipment changes that have shaped the sport over the years:

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