Thursday, February 22, 2007

re: re: The All Star Game Whip

And yet another apparently innocuous topic that has taken on a life of its own.

PJ said he is an All Star game fan. As for myself, I am a fan of the idea of all star games, but not necessarily the games themselves. I enjoy the MLB ASG, but I can only take the NBA or NHL for a bit. And I can't watch the Pro Bowl at all.

As for the side events, how could I forget the three point shootout? That is by far the best event of the NBA All Star weekend. HORSE would be great--it would be fun to watch pros play a kid's game that every basketball fan played when they were nine. Plus there is so much more potential for creativity than a dunk contest. Unlimited chances is only part of the reason the dunk contest stinks. The main reason is that there is just nothing new to do. We've seen the 360°s, the free throw line take-offs and the leaps over various people/objects. Also, it is purely subjective. I don't want judges, I want an actual score. A million dollar prize might bring in a few bigger names, but it won't solve these other issues.

The NFL has no good side festivities because the game is too specialized. They best they have come up with is speed (40 yard dash) and strength (bench press). Boring--side events need to focus on some aspect of the game. How about a flag football game where everyone plays out of their normal position? Could you imagine Peyton playing CB? That would be a lot better than watching guys push up 225 pounds.

The question still remains: Is the reason for the game the fans, the players or the league? Certainly all three are factors to an extent. But if it is for purely for the fans, why do good players back out and why do tickets cost so much? It can’t primarily be for the players because many of them clearly do not care about it.

That leaves the league, and their corporate sponsors--the real beneficiaries of all star games. Once again, it is all about the money and exposure.

And Rus, I was going to mention the MLB All Star Game’s influence on the World Series, but decided to save it for a later post. That’s a train wreck that deserves it’s own post when the game rolls around in a few months.

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