Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yea Anaheim...

So, I'm actually happy that Anaheim won. Even though I picked Ottawa to win in 7, Anaheim took it in 5. I'm happy for Teemu, I'm glad that Alfredsson didn't win (when did he turn into a jerk?), and I think it's funny that a Canadian team has lost to a non-conventional team for three straight cups. (Calgary lost to Tampa Bay, Edmonton lost to Carolina, and now Ottawa has lost to Anaheim). I don't have much more to write. I just want to show that when I'm wrong, I can stand up and say it. I was wrong.


Chris said...

I had prepared an irrelevant prediction of the Cup Finals that I never posted because I didn't really care, but one of the factors I considered was Canadians on each team. Anaheim has more. So although a 'Canadian' team lost to an 'American' team (and a warm climate one at that), you could still make the case that the Canadians won--they just cash their paychecks in Anaheim.

Knotwurth Mentioning said...

That's the consolation many Canadians have been citing for the last while, hehehe. But it's just an excuse, really. Although it's true that the Canadian teams have lost 3 straight, twice they were really the underdogs. The Sens were the first team that Canadians could look at and say "they're potential favorites." Unfortunately, the Sens also have a history of choking, so the fact that the nation was just finally starting to back them when they fell apart is pretty humourous.

I was disappointed that it didn't last longer, because the two games in Ottawa were pretty exciting. If the Sens had won both, it would have been a different series -- and the first real excitement we saw in the playoffs. Unfortunately that would not be the case. Ironically enough, that leaves the Vancouver-Dallas series as the only one where there was any doubt concerning which team would win, in the end.

As for Alfredsson being a jerk, that's actually been the case for a long time. That, and he's been a chronic playoff underachiever. I was incredibly shocked to see him having a solid playoffs in which he actually led by example instead of just talking the talk. There've been a number of incidences where he's proven that he's not a great sportsman. What I don't get is why he shot the puck at Niedermayer as the team was finally rallying. They had won the previous game, and had just tied up that one 2-2. Why did he make the decision to take a potshot at the Ducks' captain? It's absolutely beyond me, especially since the Ducks used it as a rallying point of their own.

Just another thing on the list of hockey crimes that my blogging partner, Mysterious, will hold against him! Although, I have to say his performance in the last game was almost deserving of the Conn Smythe, despite the "shot heard 'round Kanata." He was the only player who bothered to show up in a game that could have been theirs had they tried. For the first time ever, I began to respect Alfie this playoffs... the small gaffe on his resume was in my mind just a temporary reversion to his former self.