Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well, well, well....

Just last week or so, Chris and I had a small disagreement over Rangers GM Jon Daniels. And can I say something real quick? (Of course, this is my blog) Is it possible to put a moritorium on the young puns on Jon Daniels? I know he's young, but I'm really tired of him being called "Jon-boy" or "little Johnny" or anything like that. He is a general manager of a major league baseball team (yes, the Rangers are still a major league team) and he's not 8. Ok, rant over.
Today Rangers owner Tom Hicks came down on my side. He gave Jon Daniels a one year contract extension. I'm obviously on board with this move. Couple of caveats: I don't think that this a major move on Hicks part. There is little financial risk for Hicks. He can still very easily fire Daniels at the end of next year.
But the biggest thing the Rangers need right now is stability. I think it would be counter productive to start all over right now. But this gives Daniels more standing in front of other GMs as we approach the trade market. I really think this trade season even more than the next off season is going to determine if Daniels can keep his job. There are at least 5 players that have a strong chance of being traded by the Rangers (Teixeira, Gagne, Aki, Sosa, Lofton, maybe Blalock, Wilkerson, Millwood, Benoit). What he gets for these guys and any others that end up being traded is the proof of what he is doing. Hopefully, simple wins and loses are the only criteria for judging Daniels. I think this also says that Ron Washington will stick around for alittle while. Daniels hired him and I doubt that he would cut him off so quickly.
Finally, I really liked Daniels approach in this more recent draft. It had the markings of a GM who either knew he had security or he was more interested in helping the frachise than saving his own skin. He resisted the temptation to go after college players who could possibly give them help much sooner. Instead, he drafted three high ceiling high school pitchers that at the very least 4 years away. The Rangers are in desperate need to high ceiling pitchers. Daniels moved in that direction. In fact, the last two drafts have been very productive. Hopefully, the Rangers are on the right track.


Chris said...

Rus, you gotta give me Jonboy, Little Jonny, or Idiot. I'll let you decide which.
And do you really feel better knowing that TOM FREAKING HICKS agrees with you?

Chris said...

And what trade rumors have you heard about Blalock?
1) Has Wash already given up on his pet project?
2) He's still got a month on the DL. They couldn't give him away right now.

PJ said...

I don't care what you call him. If I would have performed at a similar level at my job, I would have been fired, not kept on. I certainly wouldn't have been given a raise (The only thing I can think of that would be comparable since I don't work on a termed contract). I was absolutely amazed at this news when I first heard about it. What has he done that merits an extension? I've seen nothing, and I don't think I can stomach another Ron Washington interview.

jimr75 said...

Hear hear. I believe that Jon must have pictures of Hicks in a compromising position. He has tremendous potential, but he is in WAY over his head (insert "little" joke here...)

Kely said...

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