Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mark Teixeira- Jerk?

It's time to trade Mark Teixeira. He really is the most tradeable player on this team and the one who is going to bring in the most in return. He is on the verge of being a superstar, although he's been on the verge for a couple of years now. Don't get me wrong. He's really really good, but he's not Vlad Guerrero or A-Rod. Mark's numbers last year were down in every category except strikeouts. Despite that, he is a real live middle of the order masher who can carry a team. He's also a gold glove caliber first baseman.
But he's a free agent after 2008 and there is almost no chance that's he's gonna resign with the Rangers. His agent is the the baseball anti-Christ and it's becoming clearer and clearer that he doesn't want to be here. Here is where I get the notion that he needs to be traded.
Last year, it was well known that the players were unhappy with Buck Showalter and his micromanagement and overbearing personality. When Buck was fired, the players were pretty happy and there was near unanimous happiness with the hiring of players manager, Ron Washington. Well, it didn't take long for Mark to get tired of Washington.
He seems to unable to be happy with anything. He sounds alot like those athletes that drives everyone crazy. And I'm not talking about criminals like Pac Man Jones. But athletes who have never been told no and think no one can ever tell them anything.
If they were winning, this crying would not be coming out right now. Someone once said that winning cures cancer. This cancer in the clubhouse could be cured if they started winning.
I'm tired of losing and I'm tired of players crying about managers and owners whining about losing money and gms making stupid trades and players stinking it up. They need to cut their loses on 2007 and get the best deal they can for Teixeira.


Chris said...

Right there with you, Rus. I've got my thoughts on the situation in the works. Should be up in a few days.

Chris said...

But I'm not labelling Tex a jerk. Can you blame him for not being happy? Are you happy with the Rangers? I'd want out, too. This team has no future.

PJ said...

Yea, I'd have to agree. I haven't heard much positive coming out of the Rangers camp this year. And everytime I hear Ron Washington speak, he sounds like this is no big deal. I'd be very frustrated if I was in the Rangers organization.

Anonymous said...

Tex faw down and go boom!