Thursday, June 7, 2007

NBA Finals

Ever since the Mavs wasted a 67 win regular season, I have been completely disinterested in the playoffs. But now that the Finals are here, well, I'm still completely disinterested.

Lebron is exciting, but he's got no support. And is it just me, or did Cleveland look satisfied with winning the East? The East? Should anyone really be that proud of that?

But I suppose it is my duty to provide a prediction of the Finals, half-hearted as it may be. Spurs win, call it five. Duncan and the Spurs are too good. Maybe next year, Lebron.

When's training camp open?


PJ said...

Not only were they happy to win the East, they were more than happy to stand around and watch LeBron win the East. And I think the world has gone a little crazy with LeBron-mania after he took care of the Pistons. But, the Pistons are not the Spurs. Spurs win definitely.

Kevin Hayward said...

I'm right there with you on this prediction, Chris. I think it will be the Spurs in four.

Chris said...

Nice call on the sweep, Kevin.