Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dancing Lessons

In just a few hours, Maryland and Davidson tip off in the first game of the NCAA Tournament. This is your last chance to make those corrections in your bracket, but you've got to move fast— I'd hate to say 'I told you so' in a few days.

Sweet Sixteen: (1) Florida, (4) Maryland, (6) Notre Dame, (10) Georgia Tech
First round upset: (10) Georgia Tech over (7) UNLV

Sweet Sixteen: (1) Kansas, (2) UCLA, (3) Pittsburgh, (4) Southern Illinois
First round upset: (10) Gonzaga over (7) Indiana

Sweet Sixteen: (1) North Carolina, (2) Georgetown, (4) Texas, (6) Vanderbilt
First round upset: (12) Arkansas over (5) USC

Sweet Sixteen: (1) Ohio State, (2) Memphis, (3) Texas A&M, (5) Tennessee
First round upset: (9) Xavier over (8) BYU

Final Four
UCLA over Florida
North Carolina over Texas A&M

UCLA beats North Carolina 74-68

A few things to point out. First of all, there is no George Mason this year. There isn't a dominant team, but there are a lot of really good teams, and a George Mason-type isn't getting by all of them this year.

Next, the Fear the MAC Rule. The MAC has made some noise the last few years, most noticably with Kent State and Central Michigan. Disregard this rule this year. (14) Miami (OH) isn't scaring anybody.

Now for the (12) Seed Rule. There is always at least one, and this year it will be Arkansas with a first round win over USC.

Finally, and this is personal, the Texas Rule. I always pick Texas exactly one round too far, and even though I know this, I still do it every year. This year is no exception. My heart says Texas gets to the Sweet Sixteen before losing to North Carolina. My head says to back up one round and pick them to lose to Arkansas. I know this happens every year, and I still can't do it.


rus said...

Regarding the Texas rule, I have the exact same problem. This year is no different. But it extends to the whole Big 12, which hasn't won as NCAA tournament in how many years? This year I picked Texas to the elite 8, A&M to the final four, and Kansas to win the whole thing. I'll probably regret it.

Chris said...

I forgot to mention the Kansas Rule: Pick them to lose, preferably in the first two rounds. This is similar to the Bobby Knight Rule, in which you also pick his team to lose in one of the first two rounds. Never pick Kansas to make the Final Four, and certainly don't pick them to win it all. It's the first day, but if you have Kansas winning it all, your bracket is already shot.

Chris said...

And the Texas Rule bites me again. When will I ever learn?

PJ said...

I bought the Durant hype. My self-fulfilling prophecy is coming true.

PJ said...

WHAT??? No bonus points for being the first one to lose all my Final Four teams?

Chris said...

Maybe you didn't understand the game.

PJ said...

I think you win for understatement of the year. I might as well have picked the Cricket tournament winners with as much as I know about college Basketball.