Friday, March 23, 2007

Baseball Finally Steps Up

After many years of problems, Major League Baseball has finally taken control over it's game. For too long baseball has allowed escalating salaries, greater and greater distance between the players and the fans, ever more rampant steroids, competitive imbalance, a moronic idea of tieing the All-Star game outcome to home field advantage in the World Series, a decline in interest among African- Americans, and any number of other issues to divert fan attention from a quality product on the field. But no longer! It takes a strong leader to step into those kinds of issues and show some real courage. Bud Selig and his band of brothers have finally stood their ground and taken a stand for the eternal betterment of baseball. There is no doubt in my mind that this commitment to excellence will cause baseball to reach greater and greater heights of quality and connection between the game and it's fans. A game as hallowed as baseball can have no other commitment!

Perhaps you haven't heard about this courageous stand against out of control player behavior. Well, it's about time you did because it's been happening for over 20 years. In fact, I was 13 when this travesty started and I think you would agree with me that the decline of baseball began about that time. Twenty years ago, one of the most deplorable players in MLB history, Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros, began wearing a yellow pin on his hat during spring training games promoting the Sunshine Kids, a non-profit group helping kids with cancer. This travesty has finally been put to a halt by the powers of MLB. And let me tell you, it's about time! I believe that this is what fans of baseball have been crying for over the last several years. Biggio cannot be allowed to flaunt his support of children stricken with cancer.

Bravo, I say. Bravo, Major League Baseball! Who cares about steroids or competitive imbalance? The real villain in baseball has finally been brought to justice.


Knotwurth Mentioning said...

Hehehe. Very interesting that they should ban this terrible cause. Sounds like baseball has a lot of cleaning up to do. I admit, I am not a huge fan of the sport -- I'm Canadian and hockey's my thing, as is evidenced by my own sports blog -- but I was checking out random blogs and this one caught my attention. This satirical little blurb about the situation was humorous, and your blog in general is quite nice. Keep up the good work -- I believe I shall be back!

Chris said...

All is right with the world again.