Monday, April 14, 2008

This team is done!

So my wife comes down stairs from her nap this afternoon and I'm clearly upset about something. "Are you depressed?" she asked me. "Of course I'm depressed, I'm listen to the Rangers."

Just when things can't seem to get any worse, they do. Over the last three days in Boston it's been different culprits: bad starting pitching on Friday night, inability to get runners homes on Saturday, and bad relief pitching on Sunday. It's obvious God hates the Rangers and loves the Red Sox.

You know, every year spring is the same. I have optimism about about the coming Ranger season. I hope that the Rangers are finally going to come together and stay in contention. The long time players (Michael Young, Hank Blalock, Ian Kinsler) etc are finally going be the players we all expected them to be. The off season moves (Jason Jennings, Eddie Guardado, Milton Bradley) are going to work out. The young players (Jason Botts, David Murphy, Josh Hamilton) are going to step up. The pitching is going to be good enough. On and on and on and it never happens. Two weeks into the season and where are we, last place in the west. What are we looking forward to the rest of the year? Last place!

The defense is horendous! Isn't Ron Washington supposed to be the guy who molded Eric Chavez into a Gold Glover? Where is that wizardry with Blalock or Kinsler? It's obvious that Young is a terrible defensive shortstop, but at least Blalock and Kinsler should be able to catch and throw. Any why does he keep trotting out Frank Catalonatto into left field? He couldn't play left for my softball team! And his former bat has completely left him. he's now a singles hitting corner outfielder: exactly what we need.

Talking about Washington, is there a worse in-game manager? How in the world does he in a one run game in which they had the lead, go with Benoit one inning, Wilson one inning, and then pin all your hopes on Franklyn German and Dustin Nippert? Of course, German gives up the lead and then Nippert allows the run that ends the game.

Except for Beniot and Wilson, they have no one worth a crap in the bullpen. They hope that Dustin Nippert can do something, but what has he done so far besides stink up the place? Nothing! And who is surprised that Eddie Guardado and Kaz Fukimori have thrown up all over themselves this year? When was their last decent year? 2001?

Any Astros fan want to testify about Jason Jennings? I will. He sucks. To quote Homer Simpson, "I've seen guys suck before, but he's the suckiest bunch of sucks that every sucked." When will JD put Rangers fans out of their misery and DFA that loser?

I don't even have a plan to move the team forward. Mainly because I'm positive that any plan they implement is almost sure to fail miserably. All I have is this: over the summer the Rangers considered getting into the Johann Santana sweepstakes. They had the prospects the Twins wanted, but the question was would Santana sign the long term deal to make the expenditure in prospects worth the Rangers while. When it was pitched to Santana talked to North Texas native Torri Hunter about Texas and then refused to even consider Texas. Why? Because the culture is poisonous. The Rangers now are the Mavs of the 90s and the Cowboys of the late 80s and the Rangers for their whole damn franchise history except for the late 90s. The Cowboys had a seismic shift when Jerry Jones bought the team in 89. The Mavs had the same thing in 2000 when Cuban bought the team. Would Tom Hicks selling the team be the change needed to change the Ranger's fortunes? Probably not.

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