Thursday, April 10, 2008

NHL Playoff Pre(ish)view - Round 1

So, I meant to post this yesterday, and some would call me weak for posting a preview one day into the playoffs, but this isn't a one loss and you're out thing, so I'm hoping for a little latitude. Let's start with the fact that even as a hockey fan, I feel like the season is too long. But, that's probably an arguement for a later date. It's Playoffs!!

Eastern Conference:
Montreal (1) vs. Boston (8) - Two things stand out in this series which is a great original six rivalry that we haven't seen in a long time. 1. No one expected either team to finish in these spots. Charbonneau has Montreal playing like the Montreal of old and Price is making Gainey look like a genius. The loss of Bergeron should have been more devistating to the Bruins. 2. Only 10 points seperate these two teams. Should be a fun series and I see this going to the wire. Habs in 7 (That's Montreal for non-hockey fans).

Pittsburgh (2) vs Ottawa (7) - Even if the first game wouldn't have been played last night, I would have picked Pittsburgh in 5. I don't think Ottawa has it this year with the loss of Alfredsson and others, and with Crosby coming back, the Penguins will only get stronger. Pens in 5.

Washington (3) vs Philadelphia (6) - Gotta love when a team that gets fewer points gets the higher seed. I think Ovechkin is great, maybe one of the best in the league and I think Washington wins because of this. There has been talk of Hatcher coming back for Philly, but he couldn't keep up with number 8 so I don't see that being a factor. Plus the retro looking Caps jerseys are awesome. Capitals in 6

New Jersey (4) vs. NY Rangers (5) - I honestly don't remember the score of last nights' game, but when Brodeur is involved, I expect him to win against a team that doesn't score that many goals. New Jersey in 6. (uh-oh.. NYR won 4-1. )

Western Conference:
Detroit (1) vs. Nashville (8) - I love the Predators' jerseys, but people who wear the red ones just have more talent. Red Wings in 5.

San Jose (2) vs. Calgary (7) - I'm gonna go with what I would have originally wrote rather than what I'm feeling today. I think San Jose is much more talented and Nabakov is better in net. Sharks in 5. (I'm thinking today - Calgary in 6, but I'm still on the books for SJ).

Minnesota (3) vs Colorado (6) - Minnesota bores me and I don't see them being able to keep up with the Avalanche who have been in playoff more for a month or so. In round 1, that advantage goes to Colorado. Avalanche in 6.

Anaheim (4) vs Dallas (5) - I think these two teams are very evenly matched. But I am a homer and I'm going to pick Dallas even without Zubov (If he came back that would be worth at least a game in favor of Dallas). Stars in 7.

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Chris said...

Montreal--and it won't go seven.
Pittsburgh--Ottawa's window is shut.
Washington--hottest team heading into the playoffs.
New Jersey--Brodeur.
Detroit--I hate the Wings.
San Jose--I like the Flames, but San Jose is better.
Minnesota--very evenly matched (check the standings, goals for/against), so I'll take the better power play.
Dallas--Giguere gets the pub, but Turco's the better goalie now.

Detroit over Pittsburgh, if Crosby stays healthy (if not, take the Habs).