Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pacman is now a Cowboy

Well, now they've done it. After the newest Adam Jones related news came out about the hush money, I was sure that if the Cowboys wanted Jones they could get him for the proverbial bag of balls and a fungo bat to borrow a baseball cliche, not a 4th round pick and future considerations.

I like Chris's comment about circumventing the salary cap by bringing in guys with a bad rep, but Jones is BAD GUY. He has no regard for anyone other than himself. Is he contrite about his actions? He doesn't appear to be. It's just another case of a supremely talented athlete getting a second chance or, more correctly, a tenth chance, at least.

I'm not surprised that Jerry Jones felt that he could get Adam Jones under control. He believes in the program that he and Calvin Hill have put together and you can't discount that in this situation. But I wonder what the leaders ad high character guys on this team, like DeMarcus Ware, Terrence Newman, and Bradie James feel about this. Oh, I know what they'll say to the media. They're excited to have him and he's such a great talent, and so on and so forth. But what are they saying amongst themselves? Chemistry may be overrated, but when things get tough in December like they always do, are they gonna be able to count on Adam Jones or is he going to be a grenade that blows up in their faces? We'll have to wait and see.


Chris said...

I still love the deal. If it works (and I think it will), they get young first round talent for a fourth. If he doesn't play this year, they actually get a 2009 fourth rounder back from Tennessee. Truly a no-risk deal.

Where did the Cowboys get beat last year? Answer: the secondary and special teams. Pacman will make an impact on both.

Love the picture.

PJ said...

The pic is awesome. I'm not in favor of PacMan. I'm not convinced he will change anything about how he acts off the field and while this is a low risk cost wise, I think it could be too much of a distraction. Ihope he proves me (and many others) wrong, but I look for the Cowboys to take a step back.

rus said...

I agree that nothing they could get with the fourth round pick is going to be as good as Jones can be. The question is will the Cowboys be able to reap the benefits of the player.

But I don't think this really falls into the "no risk, all reward" area like Tank Johnson or even TO. IIRC with TO, McNabb didn't like him and the media hated (and hates) him, but there were a lot of Eagle players that sided with TO in his fight with McNabb. Same with Tank. With Jones, you won't find a Titan player that will stick up for him. They lament loosing his talent, but they are glad that idiot is gone. Cowboy players are already sick of talking about him and it's probably going to get worse.

After the debacle of the last two Decembers (and really going back further than that) they need to be finding high character guys whom they can count on when they're facing the tough NFC East late in the year. They don't need to be worrying whether or not Jones or anyone else is going to implode.