Sunday, December 21, 2008

VY vs. Collins

Chris wants me to give a home town view of Vince Young vs. Kerry Collins. Before today's games, some people from outside of Nashville seemed to think that the Titans need to go ahead and bench Collins for Young. I'll tell you right now: There is no way in hell Jeff Fisher will bench Collins unless he's hurt. He could have come out today and throw 5 pics today and they wouldn't pull Collins. Well, he might have pulled him for today, but next Sunday against the Colts and in three weeks in the playoffs it's going to be Collins, no question. Fisher just doesn't work like that. In fact, I think they should have run some plays of Vince. I mean everyone else is running the Wildcat formation. Why can't the Titans? It's because Fisher doesn't work that way. The only way Vince sees the field is injury or blowout.

I think the issues falls to two things. First, I doubt that Vince is really Fisher's kind of quarterback. I think he definitely prefers the "caretaker" QB, and that's exactly what Collins is. If anyone says that the Titans are where they are simply because of Collins is blind. They are here because of the running game, especially rookie Chris Johnson with complements from LenDale White, so-called Slash and Dash, a powerful defense, and a good kicking game. Collins has been good and for the most part has avoided throwing stupid interceptions unlike some quarterbacks I know, but he's not anything special.

The other issue is what happened during week 1. Apparently Vince quit on the team right before he hurt his knee. They had to talk him into going back out there after an interception. Do the other players want him to play? Has he used to time to get better at the things that he was struggling with, such as reading defenses and making good decisions? Of course, at the games, every idiot with a pair of binoculars watches Vince on the sideline waiting for him to yawn or look away so they can call in the talk shows and tell everybody about it.

The question is what to do with Collins and Young down the road. I'm pretty sure Collins is a free agent and will want a multiyear deal as well as a starting job. Will he be worth it? Sure, as long as you know what you're getting. He's a bus driver. He will do well for a good team, but he won't be able to take a mediocre team anywhere. About Young, the owner Bud Adams has said that the Vince is still the QB of the future. That may be Adam's thought, but is it's Fisher's? He's already won one power struggle with the Titans when he ran off former GM Floyd Reese to gain control of the team. If Fisher doesn't want Vince, I'd have to imagine he wouldn't have to take him.


Chris said...

So what happens next year? Does Vince take over as starter again or not? If Fisher has all that clout, will he get rid of him?

rus said...

I'm just guessing on Fisher's feelings about Vince. He says all the right things, but I just wonder. I know Bud Adams, the owner, wants Vince to succeed, (not just succeed, but start and play) not just because he is owed a lot of money, but Adams is a Houston guy and loves Vince from his days in high school. In fact, I am 100% sure that drafting Vince was an decision directed by Adams. But just taking what I know about Fisher and how he prefers to play football (strong running game, no mistakes throwing the ball, and a powerful defense) and I don't know if Vince fits that bill yet.

I think Vince should still be the future of the Titans, because what he brings to the table is so much different from what anyone else brings. But it really depends on what happens with Collins. But I really think if they give him a multiyear contract, they will regret it.