Monday, February 4, 2008

Sometimes I love being wrong

Two days ago, I commented on Rus's article, saying that the Patriots were going to wipe out the Giants.

I have never been so happy to be wrong.

In his new post (see below), PJ gave me credit for predicting the Super Bowl loss, which I did do. But I bailed on that in the second round when both Indy and Dallas folded. I resigned myself to the inevitable. The Giants? Are you kidding?

But the football gods were merely aligning the pieces to make the Patsies fall that much sweeter.

Do I wish it was the Cowboys instead? Of course, but they had their chance and blew it. Back to the drawing board. And as a Cowboys fan, I take great pride in being a fan of America's Team. But today, that title belongs to the Giants. They truly represented all of the NFL and all of America when they defeated the Patsies.

I'm not one to take joy from the suffering of others, but watching them lose was truly sweet, the definition of poetic justice. This was retribution for Spygate and the ensuing arrogance, payback for running up scores.

And they can't even look forward to peace in the off season. The NFL tried to sweep it under the rug during the season, but with new video allegations, Belicheat is going to have to finally give some answers.

But that will be for another day. For now, the Pats have been relegated to trivia status. Years from now, someone Wanting to Become a Millionaire will do just that by answering the question: Which team went undefeated in the regular season only to fall short of perfection in the Super Bowl?

And I will still be smiling.

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diana said...

I know I am a little late, but I couldn't resist agreeing with Chris 110%! Watching the Giants defeat the Pats was truly sweet, and par for the course Bill showed his true colors with 1 second remaining. I look forward to the day he has to face the music for all of the cheating.

My team (Broncos) couldn't figure out how to show up for the games on a regular basis so at least there was some cause for true celebration at the end of this year's season!