Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finishing the deal

I've come to grips with it: Jason Kidd has come home. I'm still not happy with the deal, but since he's here, we might as well see what he can do in Dallas his second time through. So what is Kidd expected to do that Devin Harris couldn't? Make assists, grab rebounds and provide leadership, right? No problem.

Oh, wait, there is a problem: who is going to finish all of those beautiful passes? The Mavericks are jump shooters. All this team does is hang around on the perimeter. I could run this offense--all you have to do is pass around the arc--and believe me, I'm not bragging about that. It would be great if the Mavs introduced a little speed and motion to the offense, but these players won't do it. Howard used to, but he forgot how over the off season.

So we need to make another trade and get a slasher in here. Someone who isn't afraid to take it to the rim and finish a Kidd assist. (Please note: I'm not even going to bother on name speculation. I'm just itemizing the needs.) This team is predictable and easy to defend when everyone is standing around watching Dirk or Josh run an iso. With a finisher, things should open up for the shooters. Without a finisher, Kidd's primary asset is wasted. Most definitely.

Next up is a new back up center. Look, I think Diop was severely overrated in Dallas. Where else does three points and five boards in seventeen minutes make you a fan favorite? Back up center is the new back up quarterback in Big D. But to make it through the West, the Mavs are going to need more than Dampier's six fouls against the likes of Shaq, Duncan and Bynum. I don't care if he is a stiff--a warm body will do.

While we are at it, let's go ahead and get a shiny new back up PG, too. Anyone else comfortable with JJ Barea filling in when Kidd takes a breather? In the playoffs? Me, either.

OK, that's three more acquisitions. Avery still needs to do some tinkering with the offense, and the defensive end could use a little work, too, but as far as personnel go, that about covers it. I'm not sure who they trade away to get them (but I do know who they probably should avoid working into a deal). So working a deal might require a little time.

Wait, the trade deadline is today?

OK, in the offseason, the Mavs need...

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