Saturday, September 8, 2007

Back to school

I made my NFL predictions a few days ago and I'm overdue for my NCAA picks. You can take my word: I didn't have Michigan winning the Big Ten. On to the picks.

ACC: Virginia Tech. I really didn't want to pick them because I don't think they are as good as the hype or their current ranking. But I dare you to find anyone else in the ACC worth picking.

Big 12: Oklahoma. I've got serious questions about Texas's running game and secondary. Maybe next year.

Big East: I'd like to pick Louisville, but it's got to be West Virginia.

Big Ten: Penn State fills the void with Michigan and Ohio State both down.

SEC: I think the SEC is usually overrated, but this conference is good this year. Maybe too good—LSU could easily have a loss or two before bowl season.

PAC 10: USC. I thought we weren't supposed to have dominance like this anymore.

Conference USA: Southern Miss. I won't lie: I flipped a coin and this is what I got.

Mid-American: Kent State. Ditto.

Mountain West: Watch out for TCU. They can quickly replace Hawaii and Appalachian State as the early season media darlings with an upset of the Longhorns in Austin.

Sun Belt: Arkansas State. Any team that can put a scare into Texas can win the Sun Belt, right?

WAC: Don't believe the Hawaii hype: they are not this year's Boise State. That title belongs to...Boise State.

National Champs: LSU over USC. I know this kind of contradicts what I said earlier about LSU and the SEC, but if LSU can get to the title game, they can win it. Think of last year's battle tested Florida team beating previously unchallenged Ohio State.

Heisman: He's not the best QB (that would be Louisville's Brian Brohm), but he will be the QB on the top ranked team in the country. That's enough for Heisman voters to give the award to John David Booty.


rus said...

I completely agree with you assesment of the Longhorns. I watched the Texas/TCU game that they blew open late. There DBs leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately for them, TCU couldn't get anything going without their best running back. I keep expecting Jamal Charles to break loose and I don't know if it's the line, the play calling, but he seems to always get about 1 yard and a cloud of dust. I'm also concerned about the program in general because they seemed to have a ton of of the field problems. I hope Mack can get his team under control. Oklahoma looks really good. RRSO is going to be tough. Unless the defense call really turn it around, the Horns are going to have to outscore them. I'm not holding my breath on that.

Kevin Hayward said...

What's up Chris? Don't know if you made the Boise St. for the WAC pick before or after last Saturday, but I was at the BSU - UW game and Boise is not the team they were last year. I actually think Fresno St. (who BARELY lost to Texas A&M at College Station) may be a dark horse to take this thing. If not them, then Hawaii.

Chris said...

The Boise St pick was before the loss to UW, but I stand by it. I suppose Fresno St could challenge them, but it won't be Hawaii. They are a one trick pony, and it's a trick that has never been successful in the long run anyway.