Saturday, September 1, 2007

110 Percent Pick 'em contest

Well, the Summer of Nothing (except the Michael Vick and the NBA gambling scandals) is mercifully almost over. It's been difficult to find anything worth writing about, which is why we haven't been writing. But football season is here, and with it comes more posts and a new 110 Percent contest: NFL Pick 'em.

To join, go to Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Pro Football Pick'em. Here's the details:
League name: 110 Percent
Group ID#: 52452
Password: cliche

Current standings will be kept up to date here, but we need players before we worry about that. So if we have any readers left after the Summer of Nothing, head on over, sign up and get you Week 1 picks in this week.

When we did this for the NCAA Basketball tourney, we were totally embarrassed by a reader, and before he can comment on it here, I'll go ahead and say it was my dad. Everyone knows the tourney is a crap shoot anyway. Picking football games is a different story. Let's just say we are each looking for redemption/revenge.

1 comment:

PJ said...

I would definitely say that redemption is my motivation after the very early exit from the last pick-em... Good thing I know NFL football a little better. (Are we doing an NHL Pick-em? That would be awesome... maybe just for the playoffs?)