Friday, May 4, 2007

Post Mortem

Embarrassing. There is no two ways about it. How in the world do they come out and just put out that kind of performance? I wasn't even mad last night as I watched the game. It was almost comical. The worset part about it is they got out hustled the whole night. There was no question who wanted that game. Mid way thru the 3rd Dallas acted they just wanted it to be over with. The one who even tried to do anything was Austin Croshere!!!! There was one time down when Dirk had the ball at I think was the right wing, wide open for jump shot, but instead of taking it passed it over to Croshere who shot it. Why in the world was Dirk defering to Croshere? And what happened to Dirk? We've already discussed this on this blog, but I thought that after Game 5 when Dirk took over in the last few minutes that he had fianlly broken out of whatever funk he was in. Well, I guess not. Here is line: 2-13, only 4 free throws. You can talk all day and all night about match up problems and crap like that, but Dirk came up small during this whole series. Is he the same guy that stood tall during the Spurs and Sun series from last year? He took over game 6 six against the Suns last year, 50 points. We all watched it and said that finally he had arrived. I guess Dwyane Wade was right about Dirk. I was mad when he said it, but he's right.

Anybody want to venture a guess as to what the Mavericks can do now? I don't think they trade Dirk. You can't win without a superstar and Dirk, for better or for worse, is their superstar. I heard this thrown out there and the more I think about it, the more I like it. Get Jason Kidd. They never should have traded him in the first place. But they need a point who can distribute the ball. I've never really likes Jason Terry. He's not really a point guard and I guess Devin Harris is a back up. Maybe Jason Kidd can get the things done that the current team can't. So there is my initial call for change. Any other ideas?


Chris said...

I know Kidd makes sense, but I just don't like it, and I'm not sure why. Maybe part of it is age, but I think it has more to do with the fundamental problem: agressiveness. Kidd may be a great distributor, but if the guys he distributes to are shooting jumpers, how does this help?

PJ said...

I completely agree Chris. I don't think Kidd makes sense on the team as it is. I feel like we've got the Jazz of the 00's (I still don't know how to say the 2000's). We just don't have that extra "something". What I see when I watch this team, is a lack of an inside game. When the ball gets down low, it's always (except one or two plays) kicked back out for a jumpshot. When Nowitski actually has the ball in the post, he feels the need to dribble before making a move. That leads to the ball getting stolen or him dribbling himself into a corner. Maybe a quality point guard could help, but we need someone who can get to the rim also.

rus said...

I feel like we've got the Jazz of the 00's (I still don't know how to say the 2000's).

PJ, it's the aughts. As in, "I remember the blizzard of aught six."