Thursday, April 30, 2009

NHL Playoffs - 2nd Round

So, I did pretty good last round in that I picked the winners in 6 of the 8 match-ups. And if you factor in that I mentioned that the two match-ups I missed were the ones I thought could go the other way, I feel pretty good about that. Especially since the Devils were 1:28 from moving on... Jeez.

So, I'll make this quick.

Boston (1) vs Carolina (6) - Boston in 6. Carolina got lucky in getting by the Devils. Boston is better.

Washington (2) vs Pittsburgh (4) - Washington in 7. This should be a great match-up. I am extremely interested in this series. In the end, I think Ovechkin will win.

Detroit (2) vs Anaheim (8) - Detroit in 7. I think Anaheim is confident enough to take Detroit to the limit, but Detroit is more talented and playoff-tested.

Vancouver (3) vs Chicago (4) - Vancouver in 6. Luongo has taken it to another level. Chicago is playing well, and Khabibulin is as well, but Vancouver is stronger than Calgary and Goaltending will be the difference.


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